Graveyard Of Giants
Interstellar Smoke Records


Mutautu is a fuzz powered protometal & heavybluesrock trio from Helsinki Finland. Mutautu (which translates to Mud Haze in Finnish) was founded in 2017 by Ismo (guitar & vocals) Jyri (bass) and Sampo (drums).
“Mutautu leans on the past and our biggest heroes come from 70s fuzz rock. However, there is no nostalgia, old music represents modern music to us. We breathe and consume it constantly. We’re getting older but we’ve been old souls from beginning.”
“We have always relied on high volume and live performance. Mistakes belong in rock n roll! Devil is not in the details, it lives in mistakes.”
First EP “Basement tapes” was released in 2017 and first album “Somewhere Over the Death Trip” in 2019.
New album “Graveyard of Giants” was first released September 2022 in Bandcamp digitally. It placed at #3 for September Doom Charts and landed at #46 for Doom Charts Top 100 Albums of 2022.”
“Graveyard of Giants” is story about the mad men, UFOs, violence and post-apocalyptic
atmospheres. So you can really say it’s the modern stories of the 2000s. It all comes back in fashion again”
Now “Graveyard of Giants” will be released as CD and Vinyl with Interstellar Smoke Records at 24th of Feb 2023.


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