More Bands and releases we promoted / Diverse

Joe Strummer – The Future Is Unwritten / DVD

DxBxSx – Zugriff (Elektrohasch / D)

Favez – She Wakes Up Every Night/Hey Jane Approximately

Muffalo – Love Songs and Battle Hymns (Buttermilk Rec. / USA)

The Freeks – Full On (Freek Flag Records / USA)

Bossk – EP (GB)

Tricky Lobsters – The Blue Hospital Conspiracy (D)

Aie Ca Cicle – Speak Easy (A Tree In A Field Records – CH)

Fai Baba- She’s my Guru (A Tree In The Field / CH)

Kassette – Far (Vitesse Records / CH)

Ventura – “Ultima Necat” (Vitesse Records / CH)
Nape – Read My Mind (Setalight)

Sugarfoot – Big Sky Country (Crispin Glover / Stickman)

Footsteps – Restrinegd (Kick The Flame Rec.)

Niila – Gespenster (Brilljant Sounds)

GFF – Ice On Fire (Green Bomb Rec. / Alive Distr.)

Hot Head Show – Perfect (RBL Music / GB)

Black Math Horseman – Wyllt

Scream Your Name – same (Deepdive Records / GB)

Nazca Lines – Hyperventilation (Stressed Sumo Records / GB)

We’ll GO Machete Medium Bastard (Stressed Sumo Records / GB)

The Manic Shine – Let Go Or Be Dragged (GB)

You Slut! – Medium Bastard (Stressed Sumo Records / GB)

Whores – Ruiner. (Stressed Sumo Records / GB)

The Mojomatics – Don’t Pretend That You Know Me

The Zen Circus & Brian Ritchie – Villa Inferno

Minus The Bear – Planet Of Ice

The Sound Of The Mountain – The Child Of Stereo In Mono

Megachurch – Judgement days (Stressed Sumo Records / GB)

Dubioza Kolektiv – Wild Wild East (Koolarrow / USA)

VIZA – Carnivalia (Architects of Melody/ USA)

Samavayo – Soul Invictus

Gasmac Gilmmore – Dead Donkey

Duke Lucent – Attaché

Burn Pilot- Passionate

Experimental Pop Band – Tinsel Stars

Down I Go – This Is Disastercore

A Red Season Shade – The Outcome Fosters Detachment

Settlefish – The Plural Of The Choir

Pilgrim Fathers – Short Circular Walks In The Hope Valley

VA – Undergroove Sampler

The Death Of Anna Karina – Baghdad/Bagdad

Magic Rays – Take Me Home Remixes

Sigurd – Doppelgänger

Velma – La Pointe Farinet 2949m

Disco Drive – Very EP

Moore + Sons – Us Fools

Monkeeman – Jumping On The Monkey Train

Kong – What It Seems Is What You Get

Billy No Mates – C´monletmeseeyoupogo

Monoland – Ben Chantice

Disco Drive – What’s Wrong With You People?

Rosqo – No Stone Left Unturned

Fauve & Raphelson – An Evening At The Montreux Jazz Festival 2007

Canadians – A Sky With No Stars

Bossk – .2

Rosqo – Taikonaut

Mist – Period

Kultur Shock – We Came To Take Your Jobs Away

Kultur Shock – Integration

Banditi – Achtung!

Stressed Sumo Records – Label Compilation 2010

Manatees – Untitled

Manatees – Ikarus The Sun

Sad Riders – And In The End We Always Win

The Mirimar Desaster – same

Ghost Of A Thousand – This Is Where The Fight Begins

Devil Sold His Soul – A Fragile Hope

Magic Rays – Off The Map

Down I Go – Tyrant

and many many others…

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